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Having a population of over 320 million people, and spanning six time zones, America stands on the third position of the list of the largest country excluding Antarctica. America is divided into 50 states, one federal district and five main self-governing territories. The USA is bordered by developing country Mexico and developed country Canada. 3.8 square miles is covered by the US making it just small then entire Europe. According to the survey done in 2017, America is the second wealthiest country in the entire 196 countries. The United States carries the prosperity to have more than $55,000 GNI per capita income. The net migrates rate of US taken in 2017 was 2.973 per 1000 population, a 1.49% decline from 2016. But, definitely the highest total population in the world. Unlike most of the other richest countries, the USA does not rely heavily on exports. Only about 12.1% of GDP is transported from the USA.

Getting an international degree in a major course has become a dream of most of the students. The USA is a sheer size country and has numbers of top universities and colleges offering thousands of high-quality education for each type of students.

Based on the report submitted by News survey in 2012, 764,495 students went to study in America that year resulting 6% increment than the previous year. More than 750,000 international are enrolled in the colleges and universities of the USA. According to the ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds World University, 13 universities out of 20 lives in the American soil. Receiving an American degree is taken as the key to success in today's date. The connections made by students while they study in USA, internship and the job opportunities open the door of the rewarding career and amazing life. College to provide higher education is split into two parts: Public and Private College. While public colleges in the USA have a higher capacity for larger students, lower tuition fees and are funded by the state whereas private colleges are backed from donations, tuition fees and grants which means to have higher tuition fees but less in the number of students.

Top reasons why students choose to study in the United States over any other country:

International Reputation

Many of the colleges and universities in the United States are leaders in the numerous ranking table making the qualifications earned in the United States respected globally.

Innovative Classrooms

The USA being nurture of much innovative technology, the US universities also recognize the importance of using the latest technology in the classroom. Students are likely to have experience of online classes, computer-based tests, state-of-the-art facilities, and access to lab resources.

Campus Life Experience

The term dorm refers to the student apartment buildings. Normally, most of the international students live in campus dorms sharing their rooms and making new friends. Students will have numbers of options including dorms for men- or women-only, freshman-only to choose when it comes to living. Student can enjoy food on-campus cafeteria providing food options to meet cultural and dietary needs. Basic health care is supported by students in health centres.

Variety of Options

University and colleges in the United States offer many options in education. Studying in any foreign country is beneficial but because of the educational diversity that USA offers are simply best for the international students says, Anthony Bailey, the vice provost for global initiatives.

International Student Support

In almost all US universities has international student support where the international student is usually given an extra orientation conducted by ISS. Some of the ISS offices now have additional advising services for the current international students that look after the issues beyond immigration and visas. Attending and taking advantage of the workshops conducted by ISS of universities for international can be hugely beneficial.

Cultural Diversity

As the USA has become the top study destination among international students, people around the world get a chance to experience and learn about more than one culture in one place.


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